Balance: Part 2

Recovery is teaching me that balance is essential for a meaningful and value driven life. For me, focusing too much on one aspect of life can easily start me down the path of disordered behavior. I cannot run yet, but I do have a treatment-team approved movement plan that includes limited "mindful" walks. Starting small… Continue reading Balance: Part 2


Balance : Part 1

Life in recovery is about balance. This blog isn't going to turn into a recovery blog; it will still remain running focused. However, I would be naive to think that being in recovery will not influence all aspects of my life. I love running. That is a fact. I also like to be good at… Continue reading Balance : Part 1


On the Road to Recovery

I've been gone for awhile. I've missed blogging, but I've had to direct my mental energy elsewhere. I started treatment for an eating disorder a month and a half ago, and I've been fighting like hell ever since. It didn't help that they took running away. It is hard to maintain a running focused blog,… Continue reading On the Road to Recovery

Strength Training

Core Commitments

I have to admit I have been slacking. I have been running pretty much as planned, but all of my lofty goals of cross training and strength training to prevent injury are simply not being met. I thought that I would have tons of time and motivation to strength train in the interim period between… Continue reading Core Commitments


Just Say No… To Your Excuses

I almost didn't work out this morning. My running partner cancelled on me. At 5:50am I don't have a lot of motivation to get up and head outside for a run other than my friend is counting on me and today she wouldn't be there. It was "just" an active recovery day. "Just" a 45… Continue reading Just Say No… To Your Excuses


Weekend Hiatus

I'm back again. I took a little bit of a hiatus this weekend. I was feeling very overwhelmed and fatigued. Normally running helps me when stress and anxiety start to take over my mind, but this was beyond what I was prepared for. Multiple aspects of my life were building on each other causing exhaustion… Continue reading Weekend Hiatus


A Tale of Two Runs

It was the best of runs, it was the worst of runs. One is one of those runs where you feel the endorphins coursing through your veins. Every mile feelings like flying freedom. Every step is exhilarating. The wind through your hair and the sun on your shoulders feel like heaven. Even the sweat dripping… Continue reading A Tale of Two Runs



I'm feeling pretty flat today. It is like a balloon full of my motivation was punctured and has slowly been deflating all day long. It started when my running partner texted my at 5:35am "Hi. Go back to bed. Rain, thunder, and lightening." I was so tired I didn't even think about trying to motivate… Continue reading Unmotivated