Running, Weekly Workout

Weekly Workout 4

I'm injured and I've been having a really hard time dealing with this fact. According to the physical therapist my extremely tight calves and limited mobility in my right ankle have caused stress on a tendon in my ankle. This is causing pain when I run, walk, and sometimes even when I am just resting. Luckily,… Continue reading Weekly Workout 4


Sunny Disposition

Today was packet pick up for Fall training. I have been struggling with depressed mood since the weekend. I was feeling frustrated with life in general, and I didn't seem to have enough energy to care about anything. The drive was long and there was a ton of traffic. Work had been frustrating and I… Continue reading Sunny Disposition

Running, Weekly Workout

Weekly Workout 1

So, I realized that I have been writing and posting about running, but I haven't really shared what I've been doing from a training standpoint. I'm currently in an in-between period. I finished my first half marathon on May 7, and training for my fall half marathon doesn't start until July 1. Luckily, the running… Continue reading Weekly Workout 1