A Tale of Two Runs

It was the best of runs, it was the worst of runs. One is one of those runs where you feel the endorphins coursing through your veins. Every mile feelings like flying freedom. Every step is exhilarating. The wind through your hair and the sun on your shoulders feel like heaven. Even the sweat dripping… Continue reading A Tale of Two Runs


Conquering Hill Repeats

Every Monday around lunch time my training group sends out the weekly newsletter. I'm always excited to get the email; I look forward to seeing what we will be doing that week and what new nutrition or recovery tips they include. This Monday, however, my excitement was quickly replaced with dread. Saturday's long run was… Continue reading Conquering Hill Repeats


Running Across the Finish Line

Yesterday I tweeted my (almost) negative splits. At first I was a little hesitant to post my times, because, let's face it, I run a pretty slow mile. I connect with a lot of people on social media and in life that run an 8 minute mile on their easy days. I can't even fathom… Continue reading Running Across the Finish Line

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Fall Half Marathon Training

So, I just got the email that registration for Fall Training is open at my local running shop. Um...hellooo... did we not just finish our Spring half marathon two weeks ago? I am no where near mentally ready for the next one. Training doesn't officially kick off until July, but even that seems too soon.… Continue reading Fall Half Marathon Training