Balance : Part 1

Life in recovery is about balance. This blog isn't going to turn into a recovery blog; it will still remain running focused. However, I would be naive to think that being in recovery will not influence all aspects of my life. I love running. That is a fact. I also like to be good at… Continue reading Balance : Part 1


Weekend Hiatus

I'm back again. I took a little bit of a hiatus this weekend. I was feeling very overwhelmed and fatigued. Normally running helps me when stress and anxiety start to take over my mind, but this was beyond what I was prepared for. Multiple aspects of my life were building on each other causing exhaustion… Continue reading Weekend Hiatus



I'm feeling pretty flat today. It is like a balloon full of my motivation was punctured and has slowly been deflating all day long. It started when my running partner texted my at 5:35am "Hi. Go back to bed. Rain, thunder, and lightening." I was so tired I didn't even think about trying to motivate… Continue reading Unmotivated