Injured on the long run

I'm nervous about this long run today. We are scheduled for 6 miles. I know my ankle won't hold up that far. I am hoping for at least 4, but considering it already hurts and all I've done is wake up I'm worried. I'm still getting up and meeting with my running group because they… Continue reading Injured on the long run

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Weekly Workout 4

I'm injured and¬†I've been having a really hard time dealing with this fact. According to the physical therapist my extremely tight calves and limited mobility in my right ankle have caused stress on a tendon in my ankle. This is causing pain when I run, walk, and sometimes even when I am just resting. Luckily,… Continue reading Weekly Workout 4


Half Marathon Training Goals

It's finally here! Fall training is about to start at my local running shop. (They call it "Fall Training" because the race is in October even though it is clearly still Summer right now.) This will be my 5th group training, but only my second half marathon. In some ways I am less scared than… Continue reading Half Marathon Training Goals

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Weekly Workout 3

Half marathon training kicks off this Saturday! Eek! I am finally feeling mentally and physically ready to tackle another half but more on that in a future post. This post is going to be a little wonky because I haven't received my training schedule from my running group yet. I am going to have to… Continue reading Weekly Workout 3

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Weekly Workout 1

So, I realized that I have been writing and posting about running, but I haven't really shared what I've been doing from a training standpoint. I'm currently in an in-between period. I finished my first half marathon on May 7, and training for my fall half marathon doesn't start until July 1. Luckily, the running… Continue reading Weekly Workout 1


Running Across the Finish Line

Yesterday I tweeted my (almost) negative splits. At first I was a little hesitant to post my times, because, let's face it, I run a pretty slow mile. I connect with a lot of people on social media and in life that run an 8 minute mile on their easy days. I can't even fathom… Continue reading Running Across the Finish Line

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Fall Half Marathon Training

So, I just got the email that registration for Fall Training is open at my local running shop. Um...hellooo... did we not just finish our Spring half marathon two weeks ago? I am no where near mentally ready for the next one. Training doesn't officially kick off until July, but even that seems too soon.… Continue reading Fall Half Marathon Training