So I know it's been a while since I've written. I'd like to blame my injury. It definitely has been part of the problem. It is hard to want to write about running when my running is so limited. But the truth is that isn't the main thing that's been keeping me away.  It seems… Continue reading Absence

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Running to Perfection

I have a bad habit of being a perfectionist. When I'm given a task I want to do it perfectly, which translates into wanting to run every training plan to 100% perfect adherence and completion. Since I'm a normal human with a job and a family and I'm not immune to all illnesses or injuries,… Continue reading Running to Perfection

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Fall Half Marathon Training

So, I just got the email that registration for Fall Training is open at my local running shop. Um...hellooo... did we not just finish our Spring half marathon two weeks ago? I am no where near mentally ready for the next one. Training doesn't officially kick off until July, but even that seems too soon.… Continue reading Fall Half Marathon Training