Injured on the long run

I’m nervous about this long run today. We are scheduled for 6 miles. I know my ankle won’t hold up that far. I am hoping for at least 4, but considering it already hurts and all I’ve done is wake up I’m worried.

I’m still getting up and meeting with my running group because they keep me motivated. I hope I don’t let the social pressure make me push too hard, too fast, or too far. I must remember to listen to my body and do what is right for me. Luckily, today’s route has two easy places to turn around if I want to do either 3 or 4 miles. Also, we are running right past my parent’s neighborhood, so if something really terrible happens I have an easy way home.

Hopefully, I will be able to get 4 solid miles in (some running, some walking). I worry about falling too far behind in training since eventually I won’t be injured and there is a half marathon in October to contend with. I just have to keep working at PT and move towards recovery as fast as I can.


11 thoughts on “Injured on the long run”

  1. oh gosh, just don’t bow to pressure… its not worth it… two days off resting, is a lot better than two weeks with injury…

    My story? I know how hard is, I had to take a year off and I honestly believed THAT WAS IT, that I would NEVER run again, the lows were unimaginable, but I am getting back… If had just taken the 4 weeks off to let a calf tear heal, the compensation injuries would never have happened… It was one after another… I learnt the hard way.

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    1. Oh wow! Yes, I am being very careful. I run my plans by my physical therapist and get (and listen to) his advice. Luckily this injury is minor enough that it is healing quickly and shouldn’t develop into anything worse now that I have the correct exercises to do.

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  2. Hey hon! I know you don’t want to and don’t want to hear this but maybe you should rest for a week? Like really rest and take care of yourself and lay off the ankle and ice it if it needs to be iced and eat well and just nurture yourself. I and so many others have huge regrets from pushing ourselves on sore or just not right body parts and ending up with real injuries that take us out for real amounts of time. Rest isn’t for the weak–it’s for the smart–it’s for the athlete who takes care of themselves and respects their body and wants it be able to perform for the long haul.
    I know you don’t want to get behind but a week is nothing, and it might really help–and it might let you avoid something much more serious. Just a thought, I hope whatever you decide is right for you. Take care. x

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    1. Thank you for the wisdom! I really appreciate your concern. I was actually planning on doing much less this week, but my physical therapist told me he wants me to keep running on it as long as it isn’t hurting. I’ve made sure to not push past the pain and I’ve diligently kept up with my PT exercises. You’re right, I need to take care of myself and I have used this injury as an opportunity to learn how to be better at that.

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      1. So glad for you Allie–happy you are figuring out what feels right for you! I hope I didn’t sound pushy, just know you’re a pretty determined lady and I relate and have made a few mistakes pushing myself too hard so just wanted to share my experience. Hope you’re feeling good this week! x


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