Sunny Disposition

Today was packet pick up for Fall training. I have been struggling with depressed mood since the weekend. I was feeling frustrated with life in general, and I didn’t seem to have enough energy to care about anything.

The drive was long and there was a ton of traffic. Work had been frustrating and I was already hungry. I finally got to the running store, parked and got out of my car. It had turned into a beautify, sunny evening, the temperature was perfect, and there were people running everywhere. Just walking from my car to the store I said “hi” to 5 runners.

I got to the store and the head coach greeted me and gave me all of my info and free t-shirts. Everyone was so nice and the weather was so perfect that my mood started to lift. Being part of the great running community in my city is so humbling. All of these like minded people working hard and having fun. Meeting up with my running group always grounds me. Walking into the store and I know I can leave the rest of life behind for a few hours while it is just us and the pavement. We didn’t run today, but I still got that calming feeling from being there with everyone.

By the time I headed back to me car I was feeling lighter, happier, and sharper. Life had been feeling like a never ending struggle, but optimism started to peak through the clouds. Perhaps something positive will happen soon, or maybe I’ll just finally wake up with a smile on my face. Either way, tonight reaffirmed how much running means to me. It is my happy place, my calm place, my safe place. It is hard and challenging, but it gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment. When life starts to get hard, I need to remember to put on my running shoes and run.


4 thoughts on “Sunny Disposition”

    1. That would have been a good title, but the post was from the daily prompt of “sunny” so I was trying to incorporate sunny into the title. If I’m being honest, titling my posts is my least favorite part of blogging. 😬 I rarely am happy with the title I end up with.

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