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Review – SaltStick Fastchews

If you ask me what is the one thing I cannot run without during the summer I would have to answer: SaltStick Fastchews.


First, a little background. I sweat. A lot. A casual stroll outside in the Spring and I’ll start to get damp, so you can only imagine the liters of sweat pouring out of me during a long run on a 85 degree, 94% humidity Summer morning. I also am very prone to headaches caused by too much water/not enough salt called hyponatremia. In fact, I used to not be able to work out in the mornings because it would always give me a day long headache that I couldn’t get rid of no matter how hard I tired.

When I first learned the cause of my headaches I tried a lot of different products to make sure I kept enough sodium and other electrolytes in my system while working out. I experimented with different combinations of fuel during runs and hydration drinks after, but I never felt like I could get quite the right combination if it was over 60 degrees outside or if my run was over 8 miles. Then I met SaltStick Fastchews.

The Review:

These little chewable tablets have all the sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium goodness you need without any extras. You don’t have to worry about overloading on carbs or having to guzzle cups of liquid to get your electrolytes. The tablets dissolve very quickly (about 30 seconds of chewing and running) and start to absorb immediately through your mouth tissue.

Product Information (according to SaltStick’s website):

  • Available in two flavors: tart orange and zesty lemon-lime
  • Each serving (2 tablets) contains: 100mg sodium, 30mg potassium, 10mg calcium, 6mg magnesium.
  • Suggested serving size: 2 tablets per 15-30 minutes of activity

Flavor: I was really worried these were going to taste like a giant salt lick, but they are actually quite tasty! I have tried both flavors, but I prefer lemon-lime in general. You can definitely taste that there is some sort of citric acid/salty aspect to them, but with citrus flavors SaltStick clearly embraced the salt/acid rather than tried to fight it. The texture is kind of like a SweeTART but feels a little more crumbly when you bite into it as these dissolve very quickly. The tablets are also not really chalky at all. The only downside is that if you are on a particularly long run on a particularly sweaty day the tablets can start to get a little offputtingly sour after you’ve had about 10. Flavor: 9/10.

Ease of use: Very easy! The tablets don’t melt in your hands, but start to dissolved instantly in your mouth. I would say it takes about 30 seconds of chewing for the tablet to be completely gone. They are small, travel well, and can easily be put in any running pocket. Ease of use: 10/10

Effectiveness: I’m telling you, these are magic tablets. Not only did they cure my hyponatremia headaches, but I can actually feel them working within 3 minutes. As soon as I feel a little bit of a headache coming on while running I can east a fastchew and it is gone. Same goes for when my hands start to swell from not enough electrolytes; I eat a fastchew and *poof* my wedding ring isn’t cutting off circulation anymore. (Ideally, I eat them regularly enough while running that I prevent headaches and swelling, but nobody is perfect.) Effectiveness: 10/10

Overall: If it wasn’t already clear I love these things, I’ll say it again: SaltStick Fastchews are amazing. I recommend them to absolutely everyone, and everyone who has tried them loves them. I basically never run without fastchews on hand and I hope I never have to run without them again. Overall: 10/10

If you are interested in trying out these magical SaltStick Fastchew tablets for yourself they are available in 10 count rolls or 60 count bottles. SaltStick’s website offers a store locater feature so you can find them near you. Alternatively, you can purchase them on Amazon here for $14.95 for a 60 count bottle.

*Note: The opinions expressed here are my own. I did not receive any compensation to write this review.


4 thoughts on “Review – SaltStick Fastchews”

  1. Girllllll!! I am so glad you wrote this!! I literally end EVERY run over 5 miles with salt ALL OVER my face. I was really annoyed this morning because my hubs and I went on a very easy 7 mile run and right at the end I started getting a cramp in my calf as well. I really hydrate well but the sodium thing is so tricky. I can only gulp so much coconut water–first, it gets warm if I carry it on me and gets kind of gross, and second, I don’t always want the sugar. Definitely trying these! Lifesaver, thanks!

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  2. There are few headaches worse than a dehydration headache. For me the worst part of a dehydration headache, aside from the fact it is preventable, is the fact that Advil, Aleve and Tylenol don’t touch the pain. I use Nuun most of the year and always post race and post workout and I love it. However, in South Florida in the summer, it simply isn’t enough. With the heat index near 100, I have to change my routine. I have added salt stick chews to my pre-run routine. To keep is safe for me and the puppies, we scale back both our pace and mileage. Post-run I refuel my electrolytes with Nuun. What I love about both Saltsticks and Nuun is that they’re low calorie and do not have empty calories. Great post!

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    1. Thank you! I agree that it is so frustrating that OTC pain reducers won’t touch a dehydration headache! Glad to hear saltsticks and nuun work for you! I use nuun quite a bit post-run as well.

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