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Core Commitments

I have to admit I have been slacking. I have been running pretty much as planned, but all of my lofty goals of cross training and strength training to prevent injury are simply not being met. I thought that I would have tons of time and motivation to strength train in the interim period between Spring and Fall half marathon training sessions, but it turns out I was dead wrong. It seems I actually have less motivation to be active and commit to my training plan. I just don’t have a close enough goal race to really keep me motivated. It also doesn’t help that I absolutely HATE strength training. Mindless countless reps of some boring movement for endless sets is just not my thing. Plus it hurts and it is hard.

Yeah, I know. I said basically the exact some thing about running before falling in love with it, but strength training is just too. freaking. boring. Even when I do it while watching TV or listening to music or talking to my husband it just sucks. But I know I need to do something. My running form could be better and if I want to PR in the fall I know strength training could really help me meet that goal.

Luckily, I was inspired yesterday by this post on Runner’s World about a woman that did 1 minute planks every work hour for 2 week. Now, my core is nowhere near fit enough to handle 8 minutes of planking every day 5 days/week, so I am modifying this challenege. My goal is to do 1 minute of planks of any type on all of my breaks at work (2 fifteens and a lunch hour). That may only be 3 minutes of core work a day but it is 3 minutes more than I was doing.

I started off strong on Friday and accomplished all 3 minutes of planks. The last set at the end of the day was hard. My abs were already a little fatigued plus it was 4pm on a Friday and I was ready for the weekend. I’m hoping that making it through this challenge will help motivate me to incrementally add strenght training to my running routine. Trying to do 20 minute full body routines 2x a week right off the bat was probably too high of a goal, but maybe if I take baby steps I can eventually achieve consistency.

Let me know in the comments:

  • What are your favorite strength training moves?
  • How do you keep strength training fun?

3 thoughts on “Core Commitments”

  1. This is me. I have a carefully crafted plan on the kitchen cupboard and I keep skipping the strength workouts because I tell myself I need recovery from a training run. Yet I know strength work is fundamental. I don’t know why I don’t do it – it takes me less than 15 mins to do a full circuit. Perhaps it is because it’s just such hard work!!

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