Global Running Day Part 2

Tonight I participated in a Global Running Day Fun Run at my local running shop. I was looking forward to the event all day. It was great fun to meet up with over 500 local runners and run/walk through the neighborhood I grew up in. The run tonight may have had bibs and medals, but it was relaxed and lighthearted.

I run for a long list of different reasons. Sometimes the reasons change day to day, but tonight’s run reminded me of a lot of the reasons I run.

  • For stress relief – Nothing helps calm me down more after a long day at work than a quick run
  • For friends – I’ve met a great group of people in training and I always feel rejuvenated after a group run
  • For the bibs and medals – The feeling of accomplishment after a hard race doubles once you get to put that medal around your neck
  • For the swag – I’m a sucker for free stuff. Tonight that included snacks and beer
  • For fun! – Running makes me happy. Plain and Simple.

I hope this running day you not only got the chance to go out for a run, but also took some time to reflect on why you love to run (even when you hate it).



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