Running to an Imaginary World

Imaginary World
My Imaginary World

One of the reasons I love running so much is that it is my escape. Once I lace up my running shoes it is just me, the road, and my Garmin. I start my watch and all I have to worry about is getting the miles done (and trying not to get hit by a car on the way).

During a run I am in this imaginary world with no stress, no bills, no responsibilities, no interruptions. All I have to focus on is putting one foot in front of the other. If I’m on a track or a group run I don’t even have to worry about where I am going. I can just focus on my breathing and the scenery moving past me.

This imaginary world is a magical place. I find such a sense of calm and peace knowing I won’t be interrupted my an email ding or a phone ring. The stack of bills on my coffee table can’t hurt me from all the back home and the only people I have to talk to are the people I chose to run with. Work projects and todo lists melt away into nothing. With every mile I feel calmer and more determined.

At the end of the run I may be hot, tired, and sweaty, but I feel proud, accomplished, and content. I am sad to leave my imaginary, safe world, but I feel more prepared to face the real one.


6 thoughts on “Running to an Imaginary World”

    1. Thank you! I guess I should have specified. My Garmin is my running GPS watch. It’s similar to a Fitbit. My dog, Chester, isn’t a very good running partner unfortunately.

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