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Sock Review – Balega

Socks are important.

In fact, I believe they are the second most important type of gear (after a good pair of properly fitted running shoes). Socks were the very first piece of dedicated running gear I owned. I actually had socks before I had proper shoes. A few years ago, before I started running, my friend turned running partner convinced me to sign up to walk a 5k around Christmas time, and for my Christmas present she gave me a few pairs of Balega socks.

I was a little dubious that a little pair of footie socks could ever be worth over $10 (I mean socks are socks….right?), but she promised me these were worth it.

Before I tell you about how Balega socks changed my life, let me give you a little background: I used to be a dancer. I was a performance and competitive dancer from the time I was 2 until I graduated high school. I did it all – tap, jazz, ballet, modern, clogging, lyrical, and pointe. My feet have been bruised, blistered, strained, sprained, bloodied, you name it. I am no stranger to foot pain or blisters so bad you can’t walk. I may not have years of running experience, but I have years of foot torture experience.

Back to the matter at hand. Balega socks changed my life. I have never, not once, ever gotten a blister when I was wearing Balegas. I’ve walked and run in the rain, snow, heat, cold and still no blisters. I’ve run 5ks, 10ks, 15ks, and a half marathon blister free. No Body Glide required (on my feet at least).

The Review:

Balega Hidden Comfort: Excellent all purpose sock. More cushioned than the hidden contour, but not too thick for most temperatures. No compression means its not too tight, but still isn’t too lose that it causes rubbing. Favorite use: runs between 35-65 degrees

Balega Hidden Contour: Not as cushioned as the hidden comfort because of the structure throughout the arch. Good for those who want a little more structure around the arch. Sock stays put on the foot while running very well. Slightly more ventialltion than the hidden comfort. Favorite use: long runs between 60+ degrees

Balega Hidden Dry: Very thin, tight fitting sock. I have to lace my shoes extra tight when wearing this pair. Has some structure built in. Not my favorite type as I don’t feel any cushioning and my foot tends to slide around in my shoe too much due to how thin this sock is. Recommended for someone who doesn’t want to feel like they are wearing a sock at all.

Balega Silver No-show: Very structured sock – can definitely feel the compression in the arch. These were recommended to me when I was having arch pain when running. My foot felt more secure in these socks than the hidden contour. Not as much cushioning as hidden comfort, but more than the hidden dry. Favorite use: long runs 40+ degrees.

Balega Blister Resist Quarter: Made out of natural mohair for warmth. Some structure through the arch. Great for cold days – keeps feet warm and dry. Favorite use: runs 30 degrees and lower.

Universal benefits of all Balega varieties (that I have tried):

  • Extra heel fabric to prevent sock from slipping into your shoe
  • Absolutely no blisters
  • Feet feel dry even when wet with sweat, snow, or rain

I seriously cannot stress enough how important good running socks are and how devoted I am to Balegas specifically. I have a few pairs from other companies I got for free, but Balega socks are the only ones I will spend money on.

***Note: This is not a sponsored review. All of these socks were purchased by me, or given to me by friends or family.


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